Mannkind Confirms Studies using Afrezza Insulin Threapy


MannKind Corporation announced that it has confirmed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the design of two clinical studies that evaluate the efficacy and safety of AFREZZA (insulin human [rDNA origin]), an investigational, ultra rapid-acting mealtime insulin therapy, administered using MannKind’s next-generation inhaler. The FDA had previously requested that MannKind conduct two clinical trials with the next-generation inhaler (one in patients with type 1 diabetes and one in patients with type 2 diabetes), with at least one trial including a treatment group using the previously studied MedTone inhaler in order to obtain a head-to-head comparison of the pulmonary safety data for the two devices.

Hakan Edstrom, President and Chief Operating Officer, reported that, “We held a successful meeting with the FDA yesterday, confirming the protocols for the type 1 and type 2 studies. We were also encouraged to proceed promptly with the initiation of both clinical trials.”

Study 171 is an open-label study in patients with type 1 diabetes. After a run-in period, during which all patients will be optimized on their basal insulin regimen, subjects will be randomized to one of three arms: a control arm, in which patients utilize injected rapid-acting insulin at mealtimes, or one of two AFREZZA arms, one each for the MedTone and next-generation device. After the mealtime insulin is titrated, there will be a 12-week observation period on stable doses of the mealtime insulin to assess HbA1c levels, which is the primary outcome parameter.

Study 174 will assess AFREZZA using the next-generation inhaler in patients with type 2 diabetes who are inadequately controlled on metformin with or without a second or third oral medication. Patients will be randomized to treatment with AFREZZA or placebo in a randomized fashion. The study will have a titration period, followed by a 12-week observation period to assess HbA1c levels.

Alfred Mann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are very encouraged and pleased with this outcome. Our attention now turns to the execution of these trials. The protocol for Study 171 has already been sent to Institutional Review Boards and the protocol for Study 174 is being finalized and will be distributed to our sites shortly.”

Source: MannKind Corparation

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