Why Won’t my Mac Let me Bolus?


A few months ago I decided I’d had it with PC’s. Both my laptop and my desktop were constantly crashing, so I decided I was going to go Apple.  I love my iPhone and iPad.  Why wouldn’t I love a Mac?

My PC friends warned me that it wouldn’t be easy going Mac after so many years of PCs and Windows, but it has been a very easy transition. Although I found Pages to be fine, I decided to continue using Windows Office (for Mac). I haven’t tried using Numbers since I have always loved Excel.

But there is one big problem with my Mac:  It’s totally out of the loop when it comes to diabetes. For some reason it seems like the people at Apple (or maybe I should blame the people at Microsoft), the cool techy folks, are very knowledgeable when it comes to slang from the 40’s, but not so familiar with diabetes talk.  This becomes evident in the autocorrect.

Generally speaking, autocorrect is a nice feature, however, it won’t allow me to bolus. The truth is, it will allow me to bolus as long as I don’t bolus in the past. (I’ve heard of a pre-bolus, but who boluses in the past?  Retro-bolus?)  It will also not allow me to bolus in the present progressive. 

Every time I try to spell bolused or bolusing it automatically changes it to bloused or blousing. This has started to annoy me, not only because as someone who writes about diabetes I use these words a lot, but also because I have never used the word blouse. I don’t own a blouse, I don’t wear blouses, and I don’t know anyone under 65 who does.  Blouses is a good word if you’re describing the outfit of a woman wearing slacks and carrying a pocketbook.  It has nothing to do with diabetes!

I know I can turn off the autocorrect, but I actually really like it (especially since I’m dyslexic).  I just don’t understand why the people at Microsoft and Apple can’t learn a little diabetes.

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Catherine Price
10 years ago

Catherine. you crack me up 

10 years ago

Maybe your Mac is right and the secret to blood sugar management actually is hidden in the women’s section of Lord & Taylor. Worth checking. . . . 

Catherine Price
10 years ago

Thanks John. I’ll try it.

10 years ago

Change your dictionary to ‘Custom Dictionary’ under Preferences/Spelling & Grammar. You can then add words to that when it tries to auto correct them.

Jane Kokernak
10 years ago

Send them a letter!
The answer could be, though, that “bolus” is grammatically only a noun. We use it as a verb in the community, but there grammatically is no such act as “bolusing.” Perhaps as pump use gets more widespread, with the spread of diabetes, the dictionary will change to keep up.

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