My Pre-Diabetes is Bringing my Son and I Closer Together


A few years ago, my GP noted that my fasting blood sugars were creeping up. Over the last few weeks, I started checking my morning blood sugar, and have found that it’s consistently in the 120s. Pre-diabetes is clearly here, and probably has been for a while. Tomorrow, I’ll check in with the doctor, and probably go on Metformin, but there’s little doubt: Type 2 lies in my future. 

Suddenly, I have something in common with my six year old son, Sacha, who has Type 1! 

My thoughts: 

1. Prediabetes, and the likely onset of Type 2, is deeply upsetting. I’ve been in a funk for over week, especially since I exercise daily, eat healthily, don’t smoke, etc. 

2. I probably wouldn’t noticed the condition if my son didn’t have Type 1; blood sugar testing is integral to our daily routine. So he, and his Type 1, may have saved me from serious damage. 

3. I’m secretly thrilled that we something in common. Type 2 is clearly MUCH easier to handle than Type 1, so much so that there is no real comparison, especially given our age differences. He’s six, I’m almost 46. Still, I can now share a small piece of his daily struggle, and that makes me very happy. 

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Rebecca S
Rebecca S
10 years ago

I would say 3-4 weeks was how long we saw variations in my son’s blood sugars when he had steroid shots in his knees.

You can also try wearing the Dexcom and see how your numbers look if you’re really curious! But, your son might enjoy seeing his dad wearing his CGM a little too much!

Michelle Sorensen
10 years ago

Thanks, Rebecca. Do you have any sense of how long those steroid shots should have an effect? It’s been 25 days, and my morning fasting BGs are still in the high 120s. How long should I be waiting for concluding that something is amiss?
I will certainly follow your suggestion regarding antibody testing; Jessica Apple made the same recommendation. Thanks! 

Rebecca S
Rebecca S
10 years ago

Also, don’t be so quick to assume Type 2. 
The steroid shots would boost your blood sugars so I’d recommend a waiting period.
If you are age 45 then you are still eligible for TrialNet, but you can also see an endo and be tested for antibodies for Type 1. 

Paul M. @ DBIW Fitness
10 years ago

As a father who’s one year old was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, my heart goes out to you both.

With that said, Type 2 diabetes does not have to be in your future. Can’t you make some lifestyle changes to avoid it?

Michelle Sorensen
10 years ago

Thank you, Paul, for your kind thoughts, and welcome to the “father of a child with T1D” club. Year #1 is hard on parents; my heart goes out to you and your family as well. It does get a bit easier over time…. I’ve always thought that Type 2 was determined largely by lifestyle, and assumed the same for pre-diabetes. Although I’m about 10 pounds overweight, I have exercised regularly for years, and eat pretty healthily. So I’m guessing there may a stronger genetic component that I acknowledged. The physician today suggested the elevated fasting blood sugars and higher A1c… Read more »

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