Nebraska and Stem Cells


Good news for fans of embryonic stem cell research — according to the Associated Press, the board of regents at the University of Nebraska voted down the proposal, which I wrote about yesterday, to impose Bush-esque restrictions on the stem cell lines available for research. To quote from the Associated Press:

LINCOLN, Neb. — The University of Nebraska’s governing board on Friday voted down a proposal to restrict the school’s rules governing embryonic stem-cell research beyond what the federal government allows.

The eight-member Board of Regents voted 4-4, defeating the resolution that would have restricted stem cell experiments to cell lines approved under President George W. Bush. President Barack Obama removed government funding restrictions on new stem-cell lines earlier this year.

A majority of votes was needed for a proposal to pass.

I’m still not psyched about a state law passed 20 months ago that prohibits state funds from being used to create or destroy embryos for research, but I’m very relieved that the University is not going to enact tougher limits on research than are called for either by state or federal law.

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