New Novo Nordisk Insulin Reduces Risk of Nighttime Hypoglycemia, New Studies Show


Novo Nordisk’s ultra long-acting basal insulin Degludec significantly reduces risk of hypoglycemia during the night compared to insulin glargine, according to two long-term studies. The company announced the clinical results from two 52-week phase 3a treat-to-target studies comparing Degludec to insulin glargine in basal-bolus treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Basal-bolus treatment is comprised of treatment with long-acting (basal) insulin and a rapid-acting (bolus) insulin, and in both studies insulin aspart was used as the bolus insulin. These studies, as well as three additional studies reported today, are part of the largest clinical development program ever conducted for an insulin.

In both the type 1 and the type 2 diabetes studies, patients showed improved blood glucose control. Average HbA1c levels improved by 1.2% in the type 2 diabetes study and by 0.4% in the type 1 study.

Degludec also showed a lower risk of hypoglycemia compared to insulin glargine in both studies. And rates of confirmed nighttime hypoglycemia were reduced significantly, down by 25% in the type 2 study and 24% in the type 1 study compared to insulin glargine.


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