One of the great pleasures of my diabetes life is playing with new gadgets and getting to try out novel and more effective medications. I know that might not excite everyone, but since today is a double hitter — a new medication plus the first time using a new meter — I really do feel as though it’s a bit like a type 2 Christmas celebration around my house.

First, the drug. A once-a-week injection of Byreudeon is going to replace my twice daily injections of Byetta. If it works as well as Byetta, I’ll be a lifer. While I was initially put off by having to mix my own drug compound and the warning labels stamped on all the introductory  materials about Byreudeon possibly causing thyroid cancer, I met with my endo’s nurse a few weeks back and was reassured that the mixing wasn’t that difficult (it really wasn’t, only time consuming) and that the warnings were  prompted by occurrences in mice and not humans. While that might have not convinced everyone — and I am still a bit nervous — the idea of only having to inject the medicine once a week was too appealing to pass up. And though the warnings also mention nausea, which I suffered mightily upon first taking Byetta, so far, so good: I got to play chemistry set and am feeling no pain.

The other new toy is a One Touch Mini, which makes my old tester look like a Model A. The device is tiny and fast and seems to give good readings — or at least readings that match up with my old meter, which I had nicknamed Old Reliable. Opening up all the new packaging and setting up dates and times made me feel as though once again, I’m restating my vows to keep up with good diabetes care.

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