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Someone once told me that you have seven years from your first marathon to improve your running time.  After that, you’re stuck.  I ran my first, when Adam was 2 weeks old, 1 year and eight months ago, and I am now one month before my fourth. I am feeling confident that this time I will run my first sub 4 marathon.

I ran the Beit Shean half marathon on Friday morning. The weather was perfect — cool and sunny (around 65F°), and I felt great. I had taken 10 units of Lantus the night before (4 less than usual) and woke up at 5:15am with a BS of 156 where I stayed until the race started at 9:15am.

I left home at 6:30am and drove 2 hours to the race. I got there in time to register, drink some water and warm-up, running a mile and a little. The race went as planned. The warm-up allowed me to start at a decent pace which increased as the race went on. I’d come to the race hoping to improve my personal record for a half marathon (1:52) which I’d set at the Tel Aviv half marathon last April, a few weeks after the Rotterdam marathon.

I’d planned to run the first part of the race at a 8:50 minutes a mile. When the race stated the crowd forced me to start a little slower than planned, but by the 3 mile mark my average pace was 8:54.  From there I increased my pace to 8:34 then 8:06, the last 3 mile section I ran at a 7:44 pace and the last 1.1 miles at 7:21 minutes per mile. By the end of the race my heart rate was around 168-170, but this time it wasn’t because something was wrong, but because I had given it my all. I also set a new personal record for a half marathon – 1:48:41.

But more importantly I finally ran a race (not counting 10k races) feeling normal, without thinking about diabetes or having any diabetes related problems – lows, highs or heart rate issues. I tested myself before and after, but other than that, I was just like any other runner trying to do his best.

So I’m on a high, not a blood sugar high, but a post-race high and it feels great.

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9 years ago

What was your blood sugar after? I am a type 1 and am contemplating my first 1/2 marathon…Your story is inspiring!

Catherine Price
11 years ago

I do my best to eat some carb after a run, especially after a long distance, when my store are depleted.

11 years ago

I just read an article that said the first hour after exercising is the “golden hour” when your body is reloading its glycogen stores. So have you tried carb loading right after a work out?

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