Novo Nordisk New Prefilled Insulin Pen Receives EU Approval


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The European Commission has approved Novo Nordisk’s new prefilled insulin pen – FlexTouch for use in the EU. The approval is for NovoRapid® (insulin aspart) and Levemir® (insulin detemir) – both modern insulins currently delivered in FlexPen.

FlexTouch, the latest prefilled delivery system from Novo Nordisk, offers a new insulin injection experience for users.  Current insulin pens require users to inject their insulin in a traditional way – using the force of their thumb to push the button.  For some patients this can be difficult.

FlexTouch has an easy-touch button which requires very little force to inject the insulin – at any dose.  “As FlexTouch requires a very small force to inject it means that almost any patient can use it,” remarks Dr Bailey.

Launch timing of FlexTouch in specific EU countries is pending local negotiations in each country.

The FlexTouch prefilled insulin pen containing 300 units of insulin.  It doses in 1 unit increments, from 1 to 80 units and is compatible with NovoTwist® needles.

For the full press release click here.

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