Novo Nordisk’s New Insulin Pen for Children Wins GOOD DESIGN Award


The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies have chosen to award Novo Nordisk a 2010 GOOD DESIGN™ Awardfor the NovoPen Echo, a new insulin pen designed specifically with the needs of children in mind. The award is given to a product design which is new, visionary and innovative and that may enrich people’s lives.

The NovoPen Echo was designed after speaking with children and their parents to establish which features of current pens could be improved. The new pen allows patients to inject insulin doses as low as 0.5 units, which is beneficial in children with low insulin requirements. In addition, a simple memory function has been added which records the dose and time since last injection.

NovoPen Echo has currently been launched in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Israel.

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Sally Roth
Sally Roth
10 years ago

I will do anything and send to any country to get the Echo Pen. My case needs the time and dosage and LILLY has stopped making the Memoire! I believe there is a way to purchase this pen. Please tell me where in Canada or Israel or anywhere else I can put in an order. 
Thank you,
         Sally Roth 

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