Ode to a NOD Mouse


When I shred you
bone from bone
a snap and a tendon
sunflower seeds of flesh
stick to my fingers
I swear I didn’t mean it


Martyr and yet I
wonder do I feel bad
or do I feel bad
for not feeling
so bad flesh and my
neck aches my brow
sweats the backs
of my knees


You are dead
and I think of my knees
and my success my
future my dreams
carried like ribbon
between the scaffolds
of your skeleton


In death life I
tell myself but
in truth life you
lost and God I thank
not that you are
there so much as
I am not


So here
in retrospect I
thank you your bones
the marrow I
split and spit
through and please
I ask please forgive me
for not hurting more.

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11 years ago

I worked in animal research for several years.  It is hard sometimes.  
But there is no other way.  The early phases of medical testing cannot be done in people.
But the research is necessary to save people’s lives.

Its a necessary evil with consequences that override its negative moral aspects.

You’re doing a good thing.  Thank  you. 

11 years ago

Karmel, what you are doing in your research will someday save many lives.  You are brave and have so much to offer the medical world and humankind. Keep up the great work and when you need to vent, create another poem of tender sensitivity like this one. 

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