Oh, My Itchy Infusion Site


I scratch it and scratch it, but it continues to itch.


It’s hot and humid and my infusion site is driving me absolutely crazy. It itches me most of the time, especially after I exercise.  When I’m running I don’t feel it, but when I get home it starts to itch intensely. I find myself standing in the shower scratching around my infusion site.  I scratch while I get dressed, too. I thought that changing the site more often would help, but it doesn’t really. The old site, exposed, continues to itch (and I scratch it) and the new site seems to quickly follow.


Yesterday I spent a few hours working in our building’s garden – weeding and cleaning. It was hot and I was sweating. I was also covered in dust. My infusion site was itching me like crazy, but my hands were so dirty I could not get near it. When I was done working in the garden I went upstairs, cleaned up, and immediately started to scratch. I couldn’t stop scratching around the set.  It reminded me a bit of when I was twelve and had a cast on my arm. The only difference is that then I could use a ruler or my grandmother’s knitting needles to scratch my arm.


The itchy part of the infusion site is unreachable and all I can do is scratch around it. I reach around with my hand and scratch two sides of the site with my fingers spread so the set is in between them.  That’s the best I can do.


I’m sure I’m not alone here, but knowing others are suffering does not make it much better.  I don’t think there is much I can do about it, but it makes me feel a little better to share my frustration.  


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1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! I’m new to a pump and sensor and the itchiness is definitely bothering me..

4 years ago

if you have a vibrating massage thing (perhaps not a super intense one, but one with mild vibration) I sometimes place it on the plastic of the infusion site or on the skin around the site and just let it sit there until the itch goes away. The itch typically comes back, but the vibration helps quell it for a while.

Lea Harrington
Lea Harrington
8 years ago

Where do you get the Medtronic prep is it on the website? Or what because I’m lost.

9 years ago

I used to get that also.  The adhesive on the IV3000 breaks me out in blisters sometimes (like when covering my CGM).  I found if I leave it off, I get no itches.

Janell F
Janell F
10 years ago

Oh yes !!!  I know what you are talking about !!!!  Although, I have not had itching in  awhile and it will drive you crazy.  I use the I.V. Prep, which I thought I might be allergic too also.  I live in Kansas where its been HOT & HUMID since May and has not bothered so far.  

Meg Kelly
Meg Kelly
10 years ago

Do you use a “prep” of some kind?  I used to use the one that Medtronic recommends but after a while developed an allergic reaction to it…which would cause me to itch like crazy!  I stopped using the prep and the insane itching went away. 

Melissa Lee
10 years ago

My CDE says that athletes (like Jay Hewitt) often apply a medical (Rx) antiperspirant before insertion. Have you heard of that? I don’t know if it would actually solve the itching problem, but it would at least have you perspiring less beneath the adhesive.

Leighann Calentine
Leighann of D-Mom Blog
10 years ago

I have no suggestions for the existing site, but I slather Aquaphor on my daughter right after I take off a site and it really helps her with redness and itching.

Good luck! 

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