On Food and Eating


Technically speaking
and I am so inclined
a calorie is
burning timed and weighed


Since when
has it weighed so heavy
gravitating down the
inverse of my father’s
raised eyebrow with
every M and M


Gluttony is cardinal
and so each day I
pull the sled of
my sin against the grain
whole grain long grain
it would be all
right if I loved taste
salt sugar crystalline structures
pelleting my tongue


My fear I fear
is that I love the burning
the calorie the conquest
the rebellion
the cost the admission
of guilt
and love no love
or joy or pleasure
so much too much
as more and galaxies
more mine and more


The crescendo and I
curse the sled the timing and
the weighing
trust he says trust I say


Fuck the calorie fuck
the food I just want to be
whole not grain whole
like Father whole like
holy art thou


And then this
day each day
once more I step
once more I breathe
sleep brush eat
and the last too becomes
inconsequential and inconspicuous
I hope

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Scott K. Johnson
10 years ago

Awesome stuff Karmel.  Food and eating indeed.

10 years ago

I can’t match your incredible style here, but I think I understand what you are saying.  Its impossible for most people to understand how food and eating can be the enemy.  I think that you could write a parallel poem about insulin and even exercise. And certainly about the numbers that we use to connect these elements and that are used to define and judge our success.

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