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Diabetic Dolphins?

First, an update to my previous post, which was supposed to be about anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies but was rudely interrupted when I dropped my pump in the toilet: this was a bad idea. Despite the fact that the pump had spent approximately .3 of a second dipp…

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Trip to Estonia and Latvia... First, Latvia

I really enjoyed reading Elizabeth Snouffer’s article “Eating Abroad with Diabetes–Hong Kong,” Catherine Price’s interview with world traveller Bridget McNulty, and Catherine’s posts describing her own trips to Tokyo and Haw…

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Rebooting the Body: Anti-CD3 in Popular Science

I just had a feature published in Popular Science that I think might be of interest to others with Type 1. As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, right after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 9 years ago, I enrolled in a trial for a new drug calle…

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The Traveling Diabetic

I just returned from a trip to Tokyo for work and am finally over my jet-lag and settling back into my old routine. It was a crazy week: not much sleep, constantly walking, and encountering carb-laden foods wherever I turned. Soba noodles for breakfast, tempur…

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My Diabetic Valentine

...mark a relationship? Right? But nonetheless, I’m expecting Mike to buy me a nice box of dark chocolate. Or maybe he’ll take me out for falafel. I asked my diabetic friends to share some thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Check them out! Catherin…

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Flowers for Insulin

I just had a lovely dip down to 38 mg/dl, so when I first saw a headline indicating that scientists had figured out a way to derive insulin from safflowers, I thought it might be time for another glucose tablet. But now that my blood sugar has rebounded, I can…

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Diabetes in Paradise

To most people, eight days in Hawaii sounds like a dream. And while I’m not a sit-on-the-beach kind of person at all — in fact, I hate both the sun and salt water — I am currently one of those people. My husband and I are on Kauai right now,.…

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A Blast From The Past: Diabetes in 1999

This morning I was feeling inspired by the interview I did with JDRF’s Aaron Kowalski about the Artificial Pancreas Project, so I did a little google searching about artificial pancreases. I was looking for recent news, but instead I came across this art…

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