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7 Ways to Cope with Diabetes Burnout

I’ve been feeling burnt out about work, and so I recently forced myself to spend a weekend untethered from my phone, not checking email, and not responding to calls. The two days felt longer than normal, I didn’t miss anything important, and I emer…

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DBlog Week: Change the World!

It’s day one of the 5th annual Diabetes Blog week (organized by the amazing Karen Graffeo at Bittersweet Diabetes), and today’s topic is “Change the World.” The assignment? “Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about…

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The Problem With Generic Test Strips

...myself, “Hey, Catherine. Maybe it’s not such a big deal!” something always seems to come up to snap me out of my reverie. An example of this happened just yesterday, when I received a safety notice from the FDA about Shasta Technologies&rs…

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FDA and Patient Live Chat: The Recap

As I mentioned earlier, today marks a huge day in the diabetes community’s collaboration with the FDA, the government agency in charge of regulating America’s drugs and medical devices: Courtney Lias, the director of the division at the FDA that re…

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Diabetes and the FDA: A First-Ever Live Chat

Ain’t no party like an FDA party. I’m being serious. This Monday, March 31st, the FDA’s Courtney Lias and‘s Bennet Dunlap will be hosting a live chat about blood glucose meters — and you’re invited. Lias is t…

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