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Eat What You Know

...them. Routine, for me, has become a synonym for healthy, rather than for dull. All that said, diabetes being diabetes, can be totally unpredictable. Catherine Price documented this for us in her day-by-day account of a banana with peanut butter breakfast. M…

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Catherine Price recently blogged about the fact that her allergy medicine, Allegra, might be increasing her blood glucose levels. Since Mike is also taking allergy medication, I wondered if his medicine could have the same effect. The answer is a definite: pro…

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Liraglutide (Victoza) - a new Incretin

...Thus it seems that patients can easily and safely switch from Exenatide to Liraglutide as needed. Another important issue is nausea. This is the big downside to using incretins. Many patients report significant nausea (see Catherine Price’s blog for a…

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Symptoms of Diabetes - Type 1 and LADA

My husband, Mike, and I both have type 1 diabetes – sort of. The full story is that Mike has type 1 diabetes, and I have LADA. Are you confused, like so many others, about the distinctions between these forms of diabetes? Take a look, then, at Catherine …

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What is LADA?

...the other. The challenge, Nierras says, is that people with confirmed cases of LADA are “hard to find and clinically confusing.” Anyone want to lead a drive for more LADA research? Additional information about LADA: – http://diabetes.niddk…

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One Lucky Duck

...low glycemic indexes, but that didn’t change the fact that they were sweet. For those who can’t visit Pure Food and Wine firsthand, you can order some of One Lucky Duck’s snacks on their website. Catherine Price is a regular contributor to…

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Trip to Estonia and Latvia... First, Latvia

I really enjoyed reading Elizabeth Snouffer’s article “Eating Abroad with Diabetes–Hong Kong,” Catherine Price’s interview with world traveller Bridget McNulty, and Catherine’s posts describing her own trips to Tokyo and Haw…

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My Diabetic Valentine

...mark a relationship? Right? But nonetheless, I’m expecting Mike to buy me a nice box of dark chocolate. Or maybe he’ll take me out for falafel. I asked my diabetic friends to share some thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Check them out! Catherin…

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