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What A Diabetic Sees When She Sees Circles

...left forearm). So in response to the topic Catherine Price brought up earlier this week, How To Know When Diabetes Is Taking Over Your Life, I offer this reply: when you begin to see your diabetes in works of fine art. And speaking of testing… this m…

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Type 1 Diabetes and Congress's To-Do List

...prefer a little less “expressing” and a little more “funding.” Also, looking at the list of items on their agenda makes me want to try to insert one of my own, just to get it through. For example: “H.Res 922 – Recognizing…

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Diabetes in Antiquity

I don’t want to start a war of the nerds or anything, but since Catherine Price brought up her love of Latin, it seems like a fine time to confess that I too am a language mega-dork. In college and grad school I studied Sumerian, Akkadian, Biblical Hebre…

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Pioneer Woman, Meet Diabetic Woman

A big hurray to Catherine Price, whose wonderful essay on being a type 1 diabetic appeared in yesterday’s New York Times Well Blog. It’s a beautifully written piece, and Catherine describes life as a type 1 just right. If you haven’t read it …

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Feed Me Chocolate

...too painful to say good-bye to them again tomorrow. So, following the lead of Catherine Price, I decided to go for dark chocolate. Until yesterday, to me dark chocolate had always been something I associated with huge disappointment. What was worse as a kid…

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