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Diabetes and Insurance Predictions

Anyone else catch the story yesterday about how children with Type 1 diabetes are living longer than previous generations of kids with the disease? According to a study published on July 30 in Diabetes (and summarized here), there’s been about a 15-year …

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Faustman Lab Research: How Excited Should You Be?

Last week, diabetes headlines were dominated by a new study from the Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, published on Wednesday, August 8th on PLoS One, suggesting that a 90-year-old tuberculosis vaccine called BCG might hold promise for people liv…

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Trying The Medtronic Mio Infusion Set

This summer I met Catherine Price for the first time. I had been looking forward to this meeting for a long time and when we met and hung out I felt as if I have known her for ages. Catherine, Jess, and I met at a café’ in Philly. Catherine...…

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A Diabetes Dream Home

You’re welcome to use the bathroom in my house but please, don’t look up. As Jess and Mike learned on a recent Philadelphia visit, our bathrooms are something of a disaster zone: the ceilings have been ripped out, there are missing floor boards, an…

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A Pump is Not a Pancreas

As readers of this blog may know, I have been exceptionally frustrated by diabetes recently. Usually, my diabetes I are like cranky travel companions: we don’t always get along, but eventually we sleep in the same bed at night (and that sleep tends to ra…

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What Diabetes Teaches Us About the "Right" Diet

A week or two ago, Mark Bittman’s column in the New York Times caught my eye. Titled “Which Diet Works?” it was a summary of a recent study, published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, that evaluated the effects …

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The ADA Scientific Sessions: The Day After

I think I’m going through some sort of withdrawal after attending the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions this past week in Philadelphia. It was five whirlwind days of product demonstrations, scientific talks, happy hours, meeting o…

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ADA Scientific Sessions - Live Update - Day 3

...VP of research and development in its diabetes unit, and the importance of exercise and diabetes management. It’s been a whirlwind! I’m also tweeting from catherine_price . Send questions and comments my way. 12:24 Conversation with Mads Krogsga…

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