People with Diabetes Can Raise Their Pants as High as Anyone Else

Ed Grimley - Raise Your Pants Raise Diabetes AwarnessNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month and as you know, we take diabetes and diabetes advocacy very seriously.  We also, however, like to have fun.  So in partnership with Novo Nordisk, we set out to raise diabetes awareness in a whole new way.  Please watch our video: Raise Your Pants, Raise Awareness.
Once you’ve watched the video, please join us as we advocate for people with diabetes everywhere by raising our pants.  Send us a picture of yourself in High Pants, and let’s show the world that people with diabetes can raise their pants just as high as anyone else. And high-fives all around!
All photos will be published on on November 14, 2013, World Diabetes Day.  By sending a photo you agree to let ASweetLife use your image.  If you do not want your name used with the image, please clearly state this in a message.  Send images to:

Have a great Diabetes Awareness Month!

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