Pioneer Woman, Meet Diabetic Woman


A big hurray to Catherine Price, whose wonderful essay on being a type 1 diabetic appeared in yesterday’s New York Times Well Blog.  It’s a beautifully written piece, and Catherine describes life as a type 1 just right.  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend doing so.   And speaking of reading…a few days ago I received the book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, in the mail from its publisher, William Morrow/Harper Collins.  If you don’t know Pioneer Woman, her name is Ree Drummond and she writes the hugely popular website  I’ve been going through Ree’s book to find recipes that we diabetics can use.  And guess what?  It’s not so easy to find them…but there are some…a few…

Ree is a suburban woman turned ranch wife.  What surprised me most as I went through Ree’s book was learning that despite the very big differences in our diets and lifestyles, Ree and I actually have some things in common.  For example, Ree and I each met our husband-to-be for the first time in a smoky bar.  Ree married and left her sushi-eating-city-life behind to become  a rancher’s wife.  I married and left my pizza eating life behind to become a diabetic’s wife (and then became one myself… is that proof of true love, or what?)

Ree calls her husband Marlboro Man.  I call mine Marathon Man.

Ree and I both have websites that feature family recipes.

Ree and her family love bacon.  I have never tasted bacon, but if I did, I’m sure I’d give it a big thumb’s up.  (I have tasted fake bacon bits/ smells like cat treats).

Ree has a lot of cattle.  I have a dog who is as big as a cow.  Aw…Pinky, you’re such a good girl.

Ree has to launder clothes splattered in mud and manure.  It drives her insane.  I have to launder muddy clothes too (three boys in the house plus Marathon Man who loves to go running in the rain).  My cats sometimes poop on our beds = I go mad.

Ree and I are both crazy about our kids.

Pinky The CowDog

What I’m learning from Ree is that cowboys eat a lot of carbs.  That’s definitely not good for us diabetics, especially if we’re not out ranching and working them off.   But Ree does have some interesting meat dishes and side dishes which I hope to get permission to share with you after Thanksgiving.  Until then, enjoy the holiday.  I know it’s hard to resist all the big meals… Do the best you can.  If you eat more than you should, an after-dinner walk is probably a great idea.  A happy and safe Thanksgiving to all!

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Jessica Apple
12 years ago

Hi Allison, Ree’s cookbook- like her site- is really enjoyable.

Allison Blass
12 years ago

Personally, I don’t eat like a “diabetic.” I eat like a normal person, and that means having a mix of carb and low-carb meals. I’ve looked at the recipes on Ree’s site and I think more than half of them are things that I would try. But if I had one entree that was higher in carbs, I would try to pair with veggies and lean meat. I think it’s important for people with diabetes to learn what their body likes/doesn’t like. One another note, I’ve actually met Ree at a couple BlogHer conferences and I’m so excited she has… Read more »

12 years ago

and you both have wonderfully entertaining blogs!

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