Pump Holiday


Sunday the 17th: 106, eat a little and bolus. A few hours later, 265. Bolus some more. Wait. Check, 298, then bolus some more. Wait, check, 255 (getting very frustrated). A few hours later, 222, change my infusion set, break open a new bottle of insulin and bolus. 

Monday morning Aug. 18th: 132, feel relieved. Walk around all morning without eating, 85, an hour later, 91. Eat lunch, bolus, check again later, 217, bolus. Four hours later, 278, bolus, wait an hour, 244, bolus go to sleep (set alarms I don’t hear).

Wake up, Tuesday the 19th, 177, bolus, Eat lunch, bolus, 244, again spend all day high. New infusion set. 214, bolus, go to sleep.

BG 300 - pump holiday

Aug. 20th: wake up, 300. Bolus. wait, check, bolus more, 295, bolus more, eat a little, bolus, wait 3 hours, 235, change infusion set, use new pack, bolus some more.

A few hours later, 126. Go to sleep, relieved, hope things are back to normal. Wonder why on a day with no carbs I still needed 30+ units and was high all day.

Aug. 21st: wake up, check my blood sugar, 238, WTF? Bolus. Check a few hours later. 220. Start thinking about going back on shots. Eat some berries and yogurt, bolus, check a few hours later, 241. Bolus some more, wait an hour and check again, 205, bolus again, wait some more, 133. Have no idea what is going on.

Go out to dinner, check, 265, bolus, eat some carbs and try to cover, check when I get home, 295, bolus, half hour later, 305, bolus, hour and a half, 255, watch a movie, 219, bolus again, take shower, get ready for bed, 253, bolus, read, check, 275, bolus, set alarm. Sleep through alarm.

Aug. 22nd: Wake up at 7:00am, check, 295, bolus, try to sleep. Get up at, 288.

Take out infusion set. Get insulin pen, inject for the first time in over a year. Start feeling the fog lifting, check after an hour and a quarter, 145. Happy. One hour later, 82. Heading for a low but happy to see a two-digit number.

It’s time for a pump holiday.


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Valerie Heffron
8 years ago

Very interesting, sounds like my daily life. Never know, the more I test and the more I bolus the worse it gets. Been living like this for 43 years. It can be soooo demoralizing, but every body is different. Funny though I would NEVER consider giving up my pump.

Andy Andrews
Andy Andrews
8 years ago

It could be due to poor absorption at multiple sites. The same caused me to give up on pumps several years ago after 23 years on one. I’m doing great now with Humalog and Levimer pens. Also think about adding Symlin to reduce postprandial highs and canaglyflozin to prevent highs and buffer lows.

Barbara Bubar
Barbara Bubar
8 years ago

I would love to have you list WHAT you are eating—are you someone who actually measures what you eat?  It is THE fastest way to begin to make some measurements of why you are getting the glucose readings you seem to be hitting all too frequently.  Write things down—time, actual food consumed and food carbs, bolus, etc.  I’m talking about a written record–pen and paper—don’t even bother with an Excel sheet. Yes, you could download the pump information but a paper record right in front of you will be right there immediately. Of course it’s easy to think the pump… Read more »

8 years ago


8 years ago

Hmm… are you pregnant? :)  kidding aside, the only time I’ve seen craziness like that with me was either when I was pregnant, when I had the flu (after a flu shot) and didn’t know it, or when the back of my pump was popping off (!) and I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the proper dosage.  Looks like you eliminated all the usual suspects with the bottle and infusion set changes.

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