Quick Correction


It is now ten hours later and I have two corrections to today’s earlier post.

First, I need to apologize to the pomelo I ate this morning for blaming it for the off taste of my cottage cheese. I tasted the cottage cheese again after drinking some tea and, guess what? It is going bad Whoops.

Second, I decided not to take the sensor off my leg, even though I had erroneously reset my CGM and feared that I was going to replace it with a brand new one. I figured I’d play dumb, at least for ten hours, and see what happened. Well, guess what? It just asked me to calibrate, and when I did so, it accepted the results. It should not, technically, have done this. Don’t tell on me.

Also, a random note before I get back to more scientific stuff tomorrow (maybe): I decided to try agave syrup for the first time. My first impression? It tastes pretty much like sugar, at least when you put it in tea. I’m still not sure why it’s supposed to be diabetically friendly, however, seeing as how a tablespoon has 16 grams of carbohydrates. I shall investigate this and report back. I will also discuss the consequences that occur if you spend your Saturday afternoon attending a chocolate tasting, hosted by Michael Recchiuti. Not the best diabetic choice, some might say — and Jessica wouldn’t have enjoyed the abundance of 70 percent cacao — but I pumped up my pump (as it were) and you know what? It was delicious.

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Jessica Apple
13 years ago

I would say that the only flavor missing from a breakfast of rotten cottage cheese and a piece of citrus is the sweetness of  yacon root. The dark chocolate has grown on me – somewhat… As for agave, I’m a fan.  It is like sugar, but the b.s. spike doesn’t happen.  Mike reacts worse to it than I do.  For me, in small amounts, not a whole lot happens.  It’s so sweet that I never use more than few drops.  I love it with almond butter.  It’s great in yogurt too.   But I really don’t use more than 1/4 teaspoon. … Read more »

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