Raising Funds for Diabetes Research: Do You Have Something to Donate?


Help ASweetLife.org raise funds for diabetes research!  We’re collecting items and services to auction in Brenda Novak’s upcoming Seventh Annual Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research.  Brenda, mother of five and best-selling author, noticed her youngest son Thad was showing symptoms of diabetes when he was only five-years-old. Soon thereafter he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Learning how to give her son the best possible care wasn’t enough for Brenda, and so she decided to fight diabetes by starting her own online fundraising auction.  The auction runs on her website every year and to date Brenda has raised over one million dollars, all of which is donated to the The Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami.

The auction takes place May 1 – May 31st at brendanovak.com. This year there will some great new additions and opportunities for shoppers.  Thousands of items are up for grabs, including the lease of a Mercedes Benz for one year, trips and stays, autographed books from the most popular authors, themed baskets, antique jewelry, handmade quilts, Coach handbags and wallets and opportunities to meet famous authors.  There will be opportunities for published and aspiring writers, including the chance to work with some of publishing’s most influential editors and agents. Essentially, there will be something for everyone!

With over 500,000 page hits last May–and twice as many expected for 2011– the auction will bring some fabulous attention to the authors, publishers, bloggers, businesses, and individuals who support it.

If you have something to donate, or you know someone who might, please contact jess [at] asweetlife.org.  We’re collecting donations from now through the end of March.  The more publicity we have, the better, so please repost this, tweet it, include it in your newsletter, and share it with your friends.  Thank you!

For more about Brenda Novak see her interview with Jessica Apple.

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