Rosh Hashana and the Pomegranate


Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, is just around the corner.  Traditionally, Rosh Hashana meals include apples and honey which symbolize a sweet new year, and guarantee a fast rise in blood glucose levels.  So what’s a diabetic to do?

One option is, of course, to have a tiny bite and call it quits.  But chances are that will lead to frustration.  A second option is pass on the apples and honey altogether and give your full attention to the pomegranate, which is also a traditional Rosh Hashana food.

According to Paul Mendes-Flohr, Professor of Jewish Thought at the University of Chicago and Professor Emeritus of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University, “The fullness of the seeds of the pomegranate signifies the multiplicity of goodness and sweetness in the world—-a wish for the new year. It also symbolizes fertility.”

Another reason to eat pomegranate is that it’s one of the healthiest foods around.  Pomegranate is loaded with nutrients and an excellent source of vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamins A and E.  And there is growing evidence that it’s great for diabetics too. The British Journal of Nutrition published a University of Houston study that showed pomegranate seed oil improved insulin sensitivity in mice.

Not sure how to open your pomegranate?  Take a look at this:



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3 years ago

Isn’t it 12.5 net carbs for 1/2 cup of the seeds?

11 years ago

Love the Pomegranate idea even if NOT Diabetic., and I especially love the video showing how to finally peel it correctly without staining everything in site.  Wonderful job you’re doing with your diverse website.

Deborah Kanter
11 years ago

As a newly-diagnosed T2, I’m under good control of my daily cooking and eating. I have worried, however, about the year ahead of Jewish holidays. Latkes, challah, matzah . . . oy vey.
I love the notion of the pomegranate for Rosh Hashanah: great example of how we can move beyond traditional and not-so-glucose-friendly foods for the holidays. Instead we can consider and enjoy new traditions.
Among the things I enjoy about is the many posts about Jewish recipes/holidays. Thanks . . . and shanah tovah!

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