Sanofi-aventis Acquires Next Generation Drug Delivery Technology for Diabetes Treatment


Sanofi-aventis announced it has signed a global licensing and patent transfer agreement with Ascendis Pharma (Ascendis) on Ascendis’ proprietary TransCon Linker and Hydrogel carrier technology, which allows for a drug compound to be released in the body in a precise, time-controlled fashion, creating a long-acting effect. The technology creates transient bonds between larger molecules such as proteins and peptides, including insulin, and a carrier. This allows for tailor-made release profiles, with no initial burst and high drug load formulations. The TransCon Linker technology has shown promising results in preclinical studies in delivering insulin.

“We are excited about this promising technology to create next-generation products in the field of diabetes and related disorders,” commented Pierre Chancel, Senior Vice-President, Head of the Global Diabetes Division, sanofi-aventis. “Building on our achievements with Lantus®, our 24-hour insulin approved for use once a day, we hope to further improve the lives of people with diabetes by developing this innovative technology to offer biologicals that present an extended and controlled release of unmodified parent drugs, including insulin.”

The agreement will allow sanofi-aventis to develop, manufacture and commercialize products combining the technology with active molecules for diabetes and related disorders.


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