Sanofi-aventis Announces Launch of New Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices BGStar and iBGStarTM


Sanofi-aventis announced the upcoming launch of the blood glucose monitoring (BGM) devices BGStar and iBGStarTM, developed by sanofi-aventis and its partner AgaMatrix.
Due to their convenience, accuracy and ease-of-use, BGStar and iBGStarTM will help the decision-making process for people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals, with the aim of improving patient self-management. iBGStarTM connects to the iPhone or iPod touch. This is an important step towards sanofi-aventis’ vision of becoming the leader in global diabetes care by integrating innovative monitoring technology, therapeutic innovations, personalized services and support solutions. BGStar and iBGStarTM are planned to be made commercially available in the first markets in early 2011.

The ultra-compact iBGStarTM can be plugged into an iPhone or iPod touch and displays results on a full-color, touch screen. It can also be used separately for on-the-go testing. The specially-designed and simple iBGStarTM Diabetes Manager App will allow data to be easily managed and communicated to healthcare professionals.

Along with iBGStarTM, sanofi-aventis’ BGStar is based on the patented Dynamic Electrochemistry technology ensuring accurate and reliable blood glucose readings and both devices do not require coding. BGStar has various feedback features including alerts, programmable reminder alarms and positive feedback to indicate what the results mean. A large, backlit display allows results to be quickly and easily viewed, managed and discussed. In addition, the iBGStarTM product range offers users access to a full service telephone hotline and other support services so people with diabetes can feel more confident to take charge of their lives.

For the full press release click here.

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