Selling Carbs


Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to fill my monthly prescriptions – insulin, test strips, Medtronic infusion sets, cholesterol pills….

It took a while to get everything since there was a line, but I got my diabetes supplies and walked out carrying a large semi-translucent blue shopping bag full of my diabetes supplies.  No matter how many times I do it, I always feel kind of uncomfortable when I walk out of the pharmacy with a large shopping bag of supplies.  It’s not just that ‘having a chronic illness sucks‘ feeeling.  I also feel like everyone is staring at it.  And apparently, I’m right about that.

I crossed the street and went in to our local French pastry shop, The Patisserie, to get a cup of coffee. I said hello to the owner (a nice French woman with a heavy accent) and the young woman working behind the counter.  Within seconds the woman behind the counter jumped up, totally excited, and said,  “I’ve got one too!”

Selling Carbs - Cakes & Pump

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about until I realized she was pointing at my shopping bag. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a blue Medtronic insulin pump.

Pump Close Up
Pump Close Up

I took mine out and showed it to her, kind of like a secret hand shake, and asked if I could take her picture. 

Then after that moment of diabetes bonding we talked for a bit. She asked me how and when I “got” my diabetes and she told me how she was diagnosed after being in a car accident when she was 7-years- old (she is 24 now). The trauma from the accident may have triggered it.

I don’t eat any of the things sold at The Patisserie, but I enjoy going in and looking at the beautiful cakes, breads and pastries, and I usually end up bringing something good home for the kids (the official name for these pastries in our home, thanks to Adam, is a yummy).   But I couldn’t imagine spending hours around all those baked goods, and not eating them.  So I asked my new friend why, of all places, did she work at a pastry shop.  She told me she doesn’t touch any of the food (except during a few lows) and that working there makes her stronger.


Running Update: Last week I ran 58 miles. I started speed training this week with what my coach calls a 5K test. I ran my first 5K ever, though it wasn’t a race. We all ran on a track. Being my first 5K I have a new PR, 21:26.


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