Some of My Favorite Diabetes Memes


We all know that having diabetes or caring for someone who has diabetes can be challenging day in and day out. That’s why it’s important to maintain a balance. Yes, having diabetes is serious, and you must manage it properly to reduce your risk of complications in the future. But everything about having diabetes doesn’t have to be serious. Believe me when I say, “You will drive yourself nuts, if you cannot laugh about it.”

That’s why I’ve scoured the internet and discovered some of the most hilarious diabetes memes out there. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.


Always Remain Positive!

Even if it feels like the worst day you’ve ever experienced with diabetes, you gotta remain positive!

Diabetes Meme - Simsons - Always Remain Positive!

Source: Facebook – Type 1 Diabetes Memes


Chances are Slim to None?

No one is perfect, that’s definitely one thing that living with diabetes or knowing someone who lives with diabetes can tell you right away. Having perfect blood sugars all the time? Wouldn’t that be amazing?! I’m pretty sure that’s right up there with seeing a living, breathing unicorn. (But eating a low carb diet will get you much closer to perfect.)

Perfect BG in 2019

Source: Facebook – Type 1 Diabetes Memes


An Actual Headache or Blood Sugars?

Not quite knowing if you’re actually experiencing a real headache versus, maybe your blood sugars are a little high or low. This is one thing that makes having diabetes difficult. Maybe you are out and not sure and bolus really quick thinking it’s high blood sugar, and come to find out when you’re dropping low later it was an actual headache. It’s a dangerous game we sometimes have to play.

Headache and BG levels

Source: Pinterest


Ketone Testing Awkward Conversation

So, having some blood on you isn’t bad, but that poor ketone strip I tell ya!


Source: Picswe


The Changing of the Lancet Ceremony

One thing we all know, changing our lancets don’t usually happen as often as we should, and our typical month supply of lancets seems to be enough for a lifetime supply!

How often do you change your lancet?

Source: Facebook – Type 1 Diabetes Memes


Nobody Likes Normal Anyway, Right?

When it seems like you’ll never know what “normal” is again and everything involving diabetes is making you feel a little crazy…


Source: Scontent


Sleep is for The Weak

Having diabetes and caring for someone with it really takes the ‘sleep is for the weak’ scenario to a whole new level. You probably never knew you could actually function on such little sleep.

We're Diabetics

Source: thebeteslifee


The Alternative is Worse

It’s really difficult sometimes to get people to truly understand that you are doing this because you have to and because the alternative is much worse! At least you can get a good laugh out of it if someone tells you this.

The Alternative is WorseSource: Facebook – Type 1 Diabetes Memes



Managing diabetes and/or caring for someone who has it has its ups and quite a few downs. Learning to laugh at some of the lighter things can really help to reduce your stress levels in dealing with this disease and make things a little more bearable.

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