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Merry Christmas, everyone, and happy New Year! I am lucky enough to be able to take a week and a half off from work, and so I am happily up in Washington, enjoying immensely my in-law-family.

And break-time means errands-I’ve-been-putting-off-time! Blood tests and standardized tests, oh my! Some stats I’ve collected on myself in the last week:

Christmas mornings observed: 8
Blood pressure: 93/48
Pulse: 55 bpm
Cholesterol: 202 mg/dL
HbA1c: 5.9%
GRE (Verbal): 720
GRE (Quantitative): 800

Diabetic or not, this week I feel like a winner. Bring it on, 2011!

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Michael Aviad
12 years ago

Not sure what is more impressive your HbA1c or your GRE scores both seem impossibly hard to achieve.
Congrats and happy new year.

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