Spooning with My Insulin Pump


When I first began to think about getting an insulin pump, but well before I had one, the idea of sleeping with something connected to me by tubing troubled me.  Where would I put an insulin pump when I went to sleep?  Would I connect it to my boxers?  If yes, how would I turn over to other side? Would the tubing get tangled?

Six days ago, after I was hooked up to the pump for the first time, I spent most of the day worrying about the sleep issue. The nice people at my diabetes clinic explained a lot of things to me (some of which I wish I had written down) but no one explained how one sleeps with the pump. I checked insulin pump websites for explanations or clips about this, but didn’t find much.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could sleep with a pump, but since so many people do it I figured it would be okay.

The first night in bed with my pump was a little bit like sharing my bed with a newborn – something I have some experience with. For more than 10 years Jessica and I have shared our bed with one of our children (and sometimes two) for many more nights than we have slept alone.  We are not co-sleepers in principle.  It was never something that we planned.  It just so happened that each of our three sons has preferred our bed to his own.  Adam has shared our bed with us since coming home from the hospital (26 months ago).  He never used his crib for sleeping. He did, however, have many successful bowel movements in his crib.  We’d place him there, turn on the mobile, and the soothing music allowed him to relax and do what he needed to do.  So, the crib did turn out to be useful in an unexpected way.

Now Adam has his own bed (which he calls Adam’s bed) in his own room, but he still prefers ours.  He also prefers to go to sleep after 10:00 p.m., which means Jess and I can almost never get to bed early.  On my first night with the pump Jess and I were watching TV while Adam ran around from one side of the bed to the other, jumped on the bed, and flipped the light switch on and off.  (Yes, he was driving us crazy.)  When Adam did finally allow us to sleep, I turned on my side and placed the pump in front of me. I fell asleep without any problem, but woke up every time I wanted to move or turn over, just the way I’d done when Adam was a newborn.  All night long I spooned my pump.  To make the night even more complicated, Adam did not sleep well either.  The next day I was exhausted.

Things have gotten better since the first night but I still wake up to move my pump when I want to turn over, I check to make sure it isn’t tangled. I also worry about Adam getting tangled in it when I face him. He likes to sleep in what Jess and I call “H” position.   He lies horizontally between us, somewhere around our waists, the three of us forming a perfect letter “H.”  Please note that Adam usually puts his head on Jess.  I get his feet, and small as they are, it’s not very comfortable to be kicked in the middle of the night, whether or not I’m wearing an insulin pump.

Now, less than a week since I got my pump, I’m still getting used to it, still “feeling” it during the day and still thinking about it at night. I hope it will get better and that I will get used to spooning my pump.  Maybe I’ll even figure out a way to spoon with Jessica while spooning my pump. But first we need to get Adam to sleep in Adam’s bed.

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Gem H
Gem H

I am about to spoon with my pump for the first time, the only problem is I usually spoon with my partner (and I dont think he will give me up any time soon) I dont tend to wear PJ’s just not really a fan. Along with my pump I have been given a pouch that wraps around my leg. Not sure how it will work – wish me luck. 


My 17 year old son starting wearing a pump 6 years ago.  I placed the pump in a small child’s sock and pinned it to his boxers.  He tosses and turns with no problems.  I have used a large safety pin that has never opened up.


Have you seen the Men’s Pump Pocket Underwear here?

Kerry E

Hi everyone, Sleeping with the pump was one of my biggest worries at first, and my husband was petrified about getting tangled in the tubing and causing me a problem. The best solution I found was to wear a vest top and clip the pump to the inside of the front neckline.  (Vest tops with the’secret support’ panel are even better). The pump sits in my cleavage (sorry guys – you won’t get the full benefit) and the vest top safetly covers the tubing so no-one can get snagged in it. I’ve been on my pump for 4 months now,… Read more »

Michelle S
Michelle S

I usually slip it to my waistband too, and I find i move it around to the opposite side when I turn over, I do it automatically.  it gets easier with time.  i laughed when I saw the title of this… “spooning with my pump”.  very funny!

Jeff Nobles

Can totally relate.  Our youngest was also climbing into our bed every night when I started wearing a pump.  Now she’s almost 17(!) and it has been years since she kept us awake in our bed.  Now she keeps us awake only by staying out until minutes before her curfew.  Neither of our daughters (the older will be 22 this year) seem scarred from sharing our bed, and we are a very close family.  No doubt you will feel the same way when yours get bigger.  You all sound like terrific and loving parents. On the pump issue, I bought… Read more »


I’m sure others have said this too, but as with all new things, it gets easier. When I first got my pump (10 years ago!) I had trouble like you. I would cut small holes in my pajama bottom pants and slip my pump in my pocket. Now I don’t even notice it, sometimes it stays clipped to my waistband, sometimes I just lay it next to me. Every once in a while I wake up because it’s poking me, or wake up and realize I’m all tangled in the tubing. But I’ve never ripped it out in bed just… Read more »


When Adam did finally allow us to sleep
Really? I guess we know who is in charge and who has all the authority in your home

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