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Not Dead Yet

Are you looking for a good book to take along on your vacation this summer?  All summer ASweetLife’s bloggers and contributors will be sharing some of their favorites.

I don’t usually read “diabetes” books, at least not for pleasure reading. Since my wife and I both have diabetes and we run a diabetes website, I spend more than enough time reading about diabetes.  When I get some down time I like to escape into other worlds, usually reading historical books like the Anatomy of Fascism by Robert Paxton or mysteries like Jo Nesbo’s Red Breast.
When I first heard about the memoir  Not Dead Yet by champion cyclist, Phil Southerland, I wondered how I would feel reading it.  Would it be just another diabetes book? After just a few pages I knew that it was not.  I enjoyed it from the start.

In Not Dead Yet Phil Southerland tells his story from diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at 7 months to leading his own cycling team, Team Type 1.  Southerland tells his story with such charm and humility that it makes you not only respect him for his amazing accomplishments, but also really like him.
The book is a must read not only for those affected by diabetes, but for anyone in need of some inspiration.You may even get the urge to go out and buy a bike.
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