Running a Marathon for Diabetes 1

Running a Marathon for Diabetes

Last Thursday I ran the Tiberias Marathon (again).
The weather forecast predicted a storm for marathon day. On the drive…


Diabetes Taperitis

Diabetes Taperitis is not an actual medical condition, but it describes quite well what I’ve been going through during t…


One Run and Two Lows

I am four weeks away from the Tiberias Marathon and one week from tapering. This is supposed to be my peak training week…


The Perfect Race

One of my basic running rules is to try to get a good night’s sleep on the night before a race.  But, on Monday ni…


Dream Running

Last night I dreamt I was running. It was one of those vivid dreams, so real it doesn’t seem like a dream at all. …


Running with Diabetes Supplies

Any diabetic can tell you that diabetes comes with a lot of stuff. You have your glucometer kit which you need to take w…

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