Taking My Insulin Pump to the Beach


Last Saturday I went to the beach with my boys and some of their friends. It was only 9:00 a.m. but already very hot. Adam was extremely excited and wanted, like everyone else, to get into the water as quickly as possible. I made him wait while I put sunscreen on everyone and as I was doing myself, the big boys ran into the water. Adam was good and waited with me telling me (repeatedly) that he wanted to go, too. I finished as quickly as I could, took his hand and ran into the water.


The sea was calm and we stood in the water talking and jumping when the occasional wave came by. After fifteen or twenty minutes I suddenly realized I’d forgotten to do something. 

“Shit,” I said, and handed Adam to my friend. “I forgot to take off my pump.”

I ran out of the water saying ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ over and over again to myself, sure that my pump was shot. I took it off and dried it. I looked at the screen. It worked, but I thought I saw some water in the corners.  

“You never forget your pump,” my friend said as I returned. “Is it okay?”

“I’m not sure. It seems to be working but there may be some water inside it,” I said.

“Will they give you a new one if it’s ruined?”

“I don’t know.  It’s supposed to be watertight – not waterproof – so I hope it will be okay.”

I was nervous about the pump for the next few days, thinking it may stop working or even worse – give me wrong amounts of insulin. But, it seems the Medtronic Revel is more watertight than I expected.

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9 years ago

Hooray! I love a happy ending, and I love a story with some nice salty language.

Don Weintraub
Don Weintraub
9 years ago

The same thing has happened to me on numerous occasions. One of the good things about the Medtronic pumps is that they handle the occasional dip in sea/fresh water quite well!

Salli A
Salli A
9 years ago

If that happens again, you can put it in a baggie of dry rice and the rice will absorb the moisture.  Your device will be good as new. Works for cell phones, too! :)

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