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As I was formulating a post about my tattoo, and how diabetes figured into my decision to get one several years ago, it occurred to me that the diabetes/tattoo story is bigger than my personal experience. There are other people out there with diabetes and tattoos (and some of the tattoo images are even diabetes-themed). So, if you have diabetes and a tattoo or you are contemplating one, I might like to interview you. Please contact me by leaving a comment with your email address, below, or write to me at jane [dot] kokernak [at] gmail [dot] com. And diabetic body piercers? I’d like to hear from you, too.


Image, “New ink,” by Marissa DiFilippo on Flickr via a Creative Commons license.

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Hi, I’m T1 diabetic and I currently have two tattoos and I’m about to get a diabetic themed one this week. I always forget to wear my emergency bracelet and I fear that one day I’ll get into an accident and I’ll be given regular fluids and killed. I haven’t had any problems with my tattoos healing process or aggravation. Just stay on top of your bloodsugar and follow the tattoo artist’s care directions. 

tattoo Charlotte

 It would be better to seek some medical advice regarding your condition if you have diabetes before having a tattoo. This would be an assurance that the artist will not be held liable in case unexpected complications arise.

Courtney (from the post above)
Courtney (from the post above)

I did get my tattoo btw. If you would like a picture email me letting me know and I’ll send one on over! :)

jenn b
jenn b

i have had type 1 for 31 years (i’ll be 37 friday, if age is a factor in your story), and have 3-1/2 tattoos (i say 1/2 as one was cut through for  surgery and healed all weird. surgery was an apendectomy, not diabetes related.). i have multiple piercings in my ears – one is not standard. i have been thinking about getting a diabetes/medical tattoo on my wrist of late.

Michelle Page-Alswager

Folks, thanks for replying here and to my gmail address. I’ll be getting in touch with commenters over the next week. And more comments are welcome; there’s no deadline for the story yet.

Chris Scully-Brown

I have some holes in my body.  some before some after diagnosis.
Last summer I got a medic-alert tattoo on my wrist.
Contact me if you like!


I am actually saving up to get a diabetic tattoo. I am T1 and am really over wearing the bracelet. I do have a tattoo from when I turned 19 (I am 22 now) but I wasn’t diagnosed with diabetes until last year, so I dunno if I am what you are exactly looking for.  

Contact me if you would like though! I would be happy to answer any questions you have! 



I am a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed in 1993. I do not have a tattoo, but have always thought that if I did get one (maybe my 40th bday in a year) it would be a medic alert of some shape. Size and location TBD.

Sheri Zimmerman
Sheri Zimmerman

Hey there.  I have been a type 1 for about 32 years. (I am 40 y/o)  I have been contemplating a “diabetes related tattoo”, but have yet to do it.  You can contact me if you want.

Carla Blumer
Carla Blumer

I don’t have a tat, but my T1 daughter does.  She waited for years to turn 18, then rushed to get a huge one on her side.  It’s about 15 x 8,  from under her breast, over her rib cage down to her hip.  She also has a belly button piercing and several ear piercings…all after her T1 DX.     And just for some additional fun, the guy who did her tat…he’s a T1.

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