TCOYD San Diego, in pictures


This weekend was the annual Taking Care of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) conference and faire, put on by the illustrious Dr. Steve Edelman. I was there to talk about online resources and social media with the fun and fabulous Kelly Close and Manny Hernandez, and also to volunteer at the booth for our San Diego JDRF chapter.

I had a great time– getting a chance to hang out with Kelly and Manny was a blast, and it’s always fun to see familiar diabetes faces from all around. I was especially pleased to catch up with all the super-cool people at Insulindependence, and to meet David Lim of Diabetic Lifestyle, which makes pump-friendly compression shorts.

And, extra-special bonus: I got to meet our very own Mollie Busby, representing Riding on Insulin!

Pics, or it didn’t happen!

Kelly Close and Manny Hernandez at TCOYD San Diego

Me, Kelly Close and Manny Hernandez at TCOYD San Diego

TCOYD San Diego

JDRF at TCOYD San Diego

Riding on Insulin at TCOYD San Diego

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