Ten Things I Like About Diabetes


I complain about diabetes all the time, and lament the weight of that monkey on my shoulders. But let’s face it. It could be worse. Diabetes isn’t so bad, right? Every once in a while, I need to remind myself of that– so here are ten things I like about diabetes.

  1. It doesn’t involve chronic pain. Intermittent pain from needles and other medical devices, yes– but that’s far preferable to consistent aching, bruising, bleeding, or anything like that.
  2. I get to be part-cyborg. Yeah, that’s because there’s no cure yet, but I must admit the tools are kind of fun to play with, aside from the invasiveness.
  3. It’s not AIDS.
  4. I have a handy excuse to not eat that scary-looking, mayonnaise-filled, heart-attack-inducing dessert at the church potluck. (Why is that layer green? I think I just saw it move.)
  5. Biologically speaking, diabetes is fascinating. Have you ever read about the cellular mechanics of the immune system? And the islets of Langerhans? If it weren’t my daily burden, it would be a fabulous case study of the intricacies of our internal biological systems.
  6. People know about it. Especially with the growing press about Type 2 diabetes, I can usually say, “I’m a diabetic,” and at least get a nod of recognition, without having to explain to everyone I meet what the disease is. Alkaptonuriacs, on the other hand, are not so lucky.
  7. I bring food into museums, movie theaters, and music halls, and most security guards take “I’m diabetic” as excuse enough.
  8. There’s a lot of blood involved in diabetes, but other than that, I don’t have to deal with many awkward or unpleasant bodily fluids.
  9. I can still have kids, and the changes of them being diabetic is low, even though not negligible. Plus, with all the recent progress in treating recent-onset and probable diabetes, my hopes are high that my children will not have to deal with diabetes.
  10. The cure is coming. Yeah, I know they’ve been saying that for years, and I know the medical device and pharmaceutical companies don’t have much incentive to find a cure– but the university and research community is out there working, and the JDRF is out there funding, and it’s a solvable problem. Nanotech, stem-cells, islet sheets, and so on– the cure is coming, and I’m getting in line.

Have anything to add? What is worth appreciating about diabetes?

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13 years ago

And another thing, it is helping all of us know you to the core.
That is LOVE.

13 years ago

Here are a few more from MY list:   I lost 45 lbs in just a matter of weeks My vision actually corrects to perfect when my BG is high I’ve already maxed out my annual out-of-pocket on my insurance, so now, everything is paid for I have another excuse for NOT wearing a bikini. Who wants to look at this bruised, scab-spotted belly, anyways. . . I have a reason to bring “my-own-special” food to potlucks so I KNOW my favorites will always be there I get to take naps in the afternoon, about an hour after lunch, because… Read more »

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