The Fitness Holiday Gift Guide for People with Diabetes

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This year, give the gift of fitness to your loved one with diabetes. Along with regular blood sugar monitoring, exercise is a crucial part of everyone’s diabetes management. Many times, exercise One Drop Meter Kit-orangecan lower blood glucose levels, and being regularly active makes your muscles more sensitive to any insulin in your body, so it takes less to get the job done. Every bit of movement helps, and we’ve partnered with One Drop, to bring you some amazing fitness gift ideas for your loved one with diabetes.

One Drop is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing and data science to transform the lives of everyone with diabetes. With offerings like the world’s most gorgeous glucometer, an award-winning app, unlimited test strip subscription plans, in-app personal diabetes coaching, and automated decision support for blood glucose prediction, One Drop is empowering people with diabetes to be mindful, proactive, and achieve amazing outcomes.

Happy holidays!


cubii-Under desk peddlerOriginal under the desk elliptical: Exercise lowers blood sugar, so this could make an excellent, although pricey, gift for the pwd in your life.

Smart Jump Rope: Another way to get in a quick workout and get your blood sugar down if you’re running high. Jumping rope is a proven simple but effective workout, and this smart jump rope makes it a fully connected fitness experience. Or just go for a budget-friendly low-tech jump rope.

TRX Suspension System With this bodyweight suspension system, you can get an amazing workout. And “I worked out on my TRX” is a valid reason for skipping the gym. 

Dumbbells are ideal for aerobics, step training or walking. Kettlebells are a great choice for anyone who wants to do a Crossfit-style workout at home. 

Kettlebells - Gift Guide

Ozmo Active: Smart Bottle  Keep track of how much you drink! This smart bottle is designed for your active lifestyle, to keep you hydrated and healthy through out the day.

Hydro Flask: Voted best water bottle by Wirecutter, the Hydro Flask is an insulated steel bottle that’s easy to add ice to, pleasant to sip from, simple to carry, and leakproof.

Exercise Bands: This pack of five bands with five levels of resistance makes it easy customizing the intensity of any workout. 

FitBit Charge 3Fit Bit Charge 3: This advanced fitness tracker uses 24/7 heart rate and personalized insights to reveal information about your health. (For kids, check out the FitBit Ace.)

Balance Ball: Your core will thank you!

Sport Bosu: A smaller version of the original Bosu, this half – ball workout item strengthens, trims, and tones while improving balance and coordination.

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