The Grateful Diabetic


I was just eating all the foam off the top of a cappuccino and had a sudden moment of gratitude for carbohydrates. Or, rather, all the tasty foods that don’t have them. Usually I’m so focused on the foods I can’t eat (chocolate croissants, I’m talking to you) that I forget to be thankful for all the stuff that isn’t off limits. Like nuts, for example. Or steak. Or cheese. I fucking love cheese.

Sure, I continue to be annoyed that some of the most diabetically friendly foods are also the most caloric — see above — and I really do wish I could go back to my old fruit bingeing ways, where I could down a half a carton of clementines in one sitting. And yes, I’d like to have hot chocolate. And pasta. And pizza. And dessert. But I guess that if I had to make a choice between eating unlimited amounts of dry toast and gorging on L’Affinois double creme, I’d probably pick the latter.

There you have it: my moment of gratitude. Now about those croissants. . . .

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