The Holiday Season’s Must-Read: Diabetes Diagnosis Stories


Every person with diabetes has a unique diagnosis story. Whether or not their diagnosis story is one they share with the world-at-large, it’s a defining one, a life-changing event.  What not everyone knows, though, is that it doesn’t have to be a negative one. That’s the message we at ASweetLife want to share with the world, to everyone living with diabetes, and to all of the newly diagnosed.  With this  in mind we’ve created two collections of inspirational diabetes diagnosis stories.  We really hope you’ll download them – each story is remarkable, straight from the heart, and inspiring. 


Surprised by Strength: Diabetes Diagnosis Stories Type 1


Diabetes Diagnosis Stories - Type 1

It’s Always Something by Alex O’Meara


A Kid, a Cabin, and a Cure: Owning Diabetes by Karmel Allison


Sweet Siphon by Catherine Price


Getting a Grip on Diabetes by Sysy Morales


The Danger Within by Michael Aviad



Surprised by Strength: Diabetes Diagnosis Stories Type 2 

Diabetes Diagnosis Stories - Type 2


Finally, Revealing Diabetes by Ilene Raymond Rush 


A Latino Man’s Diabetes Journey by Michael Plasencia 


Like Mother Like Daughter? by Nita Jalivay


Learning to Live with Diabetes by Jessiline Anderson 


Making Time for Diabetes by Gary Rudoren


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