The Spring Universal Infusion Set Experiment


I’ve been on an insulin pump for six and a half months. I use a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm Veo (without the CGM) and until this week I have used only Medtronic Quickset infusion sets. Without anything to compare them to, I can say that I’ve been satisfied.  Not that I haven’t had my frustrating moments with infusion sets coming out in the humidity of summer, batteries running out without warning, and all kinds of other small problems, but none of those problems made me consider switching to a different pump. The one thing that has really bothered me from the day I got the pump, though, is the big blue inserter.

Medtronic Quick-SerterWhen the Medtronic sales rep, Karen, gave me the pump and explained the different parts of the set, she pulled out the inserter and showed me how it worked. My first reaction was “what if I lose it, or forget it when I travel?”

“Oh, don’t worry you can always insert the infusion set without the inserter,” she said.

I was a little skeptical about the idea of pushing the set in manually. I’m not very gentle and have injected insulin through my jeans many times, but for some reason I really don’t want to try to insert that set without the inserter.

So when I was first invited to try the Spring Universal Infusion Set I was very happy. I was happy to try something new, something that had features other sets didn’t have, and something from a different company (yes, I believe that competition forces companies to innovate ). But what I was most happy about was the all-in-one inserter.

After reading and hearing more about the set I understood that there was much more to it than just the all-in-one inserter that I discovered was not a unique feature (Animas’ Inset II, Fifty Fifty’s Thinset and even Medronic’s Mio have this feature). I’m not going to bore you with technical details of the Spring set, which can be found online but I will say that the Detach-Detect mechanism, which means that if the set detaches from your body the pump alarm goes off, sounds great.  I haven’t experienced it yet. 

Hooking up to the set is very easy, and I found that the single button release mechanism does make it much easier to insert, especially when placing the set a little toward the back. Spring claims that the set is also less painful than other sets but I must say that to me it felt about the same, but then I’m not all that sensitive.

To me, one of the advantages of this set is the much larger adhesive area. Although I haven’t put this to the Summer Sweat Test, it seems to me that the extra adhesive tape placed in the center of the set will help the set stay in while running and sweating for long periods of time. Of course, if I’m wrong at least the Detach-Detect mechanism will let me know that I’m not getting any insulin.

The biggest drawback for me right now is that the reservoir of my Medtronic pump doesn’t attach directly, as it does when I use Medtronic’s set.  Therefore, I have to use third-party reservoir, which is more complicated.  Without having a direct attachment to the vial, it’s much harder to fill the reservoir and I have had problems with air bubbles.  Big problems.  So with five days left until my marathon, I’m going back to my Quikset, at least until the the race is over.  I’m excited about the Spring set, but now is not the time to take chances.  I need to stick with what I know well, and hope that it works.

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9 years ago

I really don’t like this set at all.  Sure, the inserter is great but I really don’t have a problem jabbing myself after so many years.  There are two things that I *really* dislike about this set. 1) There is no audible “click” when the tubing is connected to the set.  May not seem like a big deal to some but I really want to know the set is connected.  I’m forever tugging and pulling on it to make sure it’s really connected. 2) the adhesive near the spring is TINY!  There can’t be more than 2 mm of adhesive… Read more »

9 years ago

Just in case anyone else comes looking for reviews about this infusion set: I’ve been using the Animas Inset for about 5 years now. If it’s possible to like infusion sets, it’s probably my favorite as far as reliability. I’ve never had a problem with it. The Spring sounded really nice on paper. They sent me two boxes to try. I’ve had two of them go bad. The spot where the tubing connects to the base connects funny. It’s funny that it warns you when it disconnects form the skin, but that’s never happened. The base is also quite large… Read more »

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