Trying The Medtronic Mio Infusion Set


This summer I met Catherine Price for the first time. I had been looking forward to this meeting for a long time and when we met and hung out I felt as if I have known her for ages.


Catherine, Jess, and I met at a café’ in Philly. Catherine came bearing gifts – a couple Medtronic Mio infusion sets. I was overjoyed with my D-gift. She couldn’t have done better – a gift only a T1 could appreciate. Ever since I tried the Spring Universal infusion set, I’ve been eager to try the Medtronic Mio. The Mio isn’t covered by my insurance and as far as I know is not available in Israel but I always like to try new things.


I wanted to try the Mio that day, but after all the pump trouble I had I decided to wait until I got home. I’ve been home for two weeks now and have switched infusion sets many times, but kept forgetting to try the Mio, until today.


Today I finally remembered those blue infusion sets Catherine gave me and I decided to try one.


As always, I took out all of the supplies needed – insulin, reservoir and infusion set. No need for an inserter this time. I disconnected from my pump, took out the old reservoir and prepared the pump for the new one.


Then, I filled a reservoir with insulin and opened the plastic wrapping the keeps the Mio closed. I removed the cap from the top, following the picture on the paper wrapping, and then removed the paper from the bottom.  After that I did not know how to proceed. I saw the tubing and the infusion set itself (the cannula) but I was stuck.


So I turned to some online help – the Medtronic website – and found this movie on how to use the Medtronic Mio infusion set. I’ve seen better instruction videos but it did the job.




I understood how to unwind the tubing so I could connect the set to the pump. I went through the regular steps putting a new infusion set in and the understood how to use the disposable inserter.


I pulled the needle back, removed the paper covering the adhesive, removed the plastic cover from the needle, placed the inserter over my new infusion site and squeezed the plastic sides of the set. The set felt a little flimsy compared to my regular inserter, but it did not fail.



So how does the Mio compare to the Quickset?  

My first impression was that the Mio is really not all that much better than the regular Quickset, though it is convenient not to have to remember your inserter. The packaging is also cool and although it includes the inserter, it‘s no larger than the Quickset. (On the other hand it seems to be, by nature, less environmentally friendly – disposables).

The infusion set is a little smaller than the quickset with a larger adhesive area, which is a huge plus. I also like the way the tubing attaches to the set (see pic)


Compared to the Spring Universal infusion set, the Mio is larger, less sturdy and because of the two fingers needed to insert, less comfortable to use. But the set itself, seems better overall, and no doubt works better with the Medtronic pump. With the Spring set I was a little unsure whether or not I was attached.  The Mio clicks in and leaves no doubt – it is connected.


Would I go Mio?

Well, if I could get it for the same price as the Quickset I probably would, even though I didn’t find it to be significantly better than the Quickset. The only real plus is that it’s an all in one – no need to remember the inserter (mine is always hanging out on my desk). For travel it would definitely be great – one less thing to carry.  Also, I did like the larger adhesive, but since I’m not running these days it’s hard for me to know how effective it is.

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8 years ago

Could someone please tell me if you need a clip in the shower?  My son has just changed from a silhouette to a mio for first time but not sure what to do when showering. .

10 years ago

Hey Mike — I’m glad you tried the Mios. I should have sent you this amazingly dorky/cute homemade “how-to” video: The thing I like most about the Mios, besides the eco-unfriendly-but-so-very-convenient packaging, is that they don’t leave me with puffy donuts around my insertion site, which was a constant problem for me with the Quicksets. (I’d end up with this inflamed ring of fluid — which was both uncomfortable and made me wonder whether any of my insulin were just pooling under my skin.) Also, I have fewer kinked canulas than I did with the Quickset. With that said,… Read more »

Erin Spineto
Erin Spineto
10 years ago

I like the mio because I can stash them anywhere without worrying about the set getting crushed. My site rips out often and gets clogged, or I just plain forget to change it. When I do figure it out, I always have one in my car, in my purse, in my desk at work and in my writing bag. And they have never come out of those places bent.

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