Two Weeks In


Beginning of the year notes….

At the risk of sounding unhumble, I’ve been doing pretty well with some of my big 2010 resolutions.  We’re a little over two weeks in and I’ve only eaten after 10 pm one night.  Okay, maybe two – but no more than that!  I promise – and you know it’s true because this is a “blog-promise.”

Yesterday I went to the movies (The Book Of Eli – better than I thought, but let me just say this… I would really love to see a movie about the apocalypse where a scrappy group of nerds survive to awkwardly re-populate the world and only fight about Dungeons & Dragons levels or stuff like that)… wait, where was I…right, so yesterday I went to the movies… and I got a medium popcorn instead of the large bag AND didn’t even finish it.  You can’t imagine what a breakthrough this is for me.    Now before you all write in with angry anti-popcorn rants because I’m a diabetic, I will paraphrase a great American when I tell you that as long as I live (and am able to go see movies), you’ll have to “pry the-value-bag-popcorn-bag-out-of-my-cold, dead, greasy hands”  before I give it up entirely.

I’ve lost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks despite the aforementioned popcorn-fetish and my numbers have been really good.  I go for an A1C in a few weeks, so we’ll see if I’m feeling confident for a good reason.

I try not to start every year with exacting work goals, but I’m changing it up this year. I’ve decided to become more pro-active in pursuing my various career goals in 2010 – the  “What Do I Have To Lose?” Year … the key element in this decision is still to come (the being pushy part), but I’m getting in that more aggressive state of mind.

I’ve also stopped wishing people a “Happy New Year.”  If I haven’t seen or talked to someone by now in 2010, then I don’t care – and they don’t care either I’m sure – what kind of year they have.  I say this not to be mean, but rather, I’m making every effort to not seem insincere this year and I feel late January (or even early February) “Happy New Year’s” greetings runs that risk.

That’s it for now folks… Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday!!

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