Type 2 Drug Bydureon Proves More Effective Than Other Common Diabetes Treatments

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Alkermes announced new analyses from the DURATION-3 and DURATION-4 trials demonstrating patients treated with the investigational medication Bydureon (exenatide extended-release for injectable suspension) experienced significant improvements in select cardiovascular risk factors, in comparison to patients who received commonly prescribed diabetes treatments. The analyses showed that patients receiving Bydureon for the treatment of type 2 diabetes experienced improvements in composite endpoints related to body weight, abnormal blood pressure and abnormal lipid levels. These findings will be presented at the 47th European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 2011 Annual Meeting  in Lisbon, Portugal.
According to the DURATION-3 study results patients who received Bydureon demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in body weight, A1c levels, blood pressure and LDL cholestral compared to patients treated with Lantus® (insulin glargine). In the DURATION-4 study post-hoc analyses showed patients treated with Bydureon or metformin were more likely to achieve clinically relevant composite goals than patients treated with Actos or Januvia.
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