Was Blind But Now I See


Great news from the continuous glucometer front: I returned home yesterday to find a replacement for my Freestyle Navigator receiver on my doorstep. I now have a sensor on my stomach (it looks like I have a small, square tumor) but who cares: my continuous monitoring is back! I feel like running around the house singing the last line of Amazing Grace (c.f. the title to this post).

In slightly less good news, I fell victim to Trader Joe’s kettle corn yesterday afternoon. I *never* buy junk food but there it was, sitting on the “impulse purchase” display near the cash registers — and as anyone who has spent time near me at the farmer’s market knows, I have a weakness for kettle corn. The same thing always happens: I think too much about it, I buy a bag, I eat too much of it, and then I feel sick. (Luckily it actually tends not to screw up my blood sugar too badly.) It also has the strange effect of making me unable to stop eating — a problem I don’t have with pretty much any other food. You will not find me binging on ice cream or cheese doodles. But the kettle corn? Once I start I cannot stop. Today I ended up putting it in the trash and covering it with egg shells — and then still reached into the bag. Not something I’m proud of, people. But sometimes even the greatest must fall. (One would hope they’d fall to something more intimidating than kettle corn, but perhaps “greatness” is relative.)

In other news, though, I have rediscovered the pomelo. Like a grapefruit, but sweeter. Also, much harder to overeat than kettle corn, AND it leaves you feeling juicy and refreshed. I highly recommend it.

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