Where to Put Your Insulin Pump When There’s Nowhere to Put It


Where to Put Your Insulin Pump When There’s Nowhere to Put It

For all their algorithms, touchscreens, connectivity and convenience, most insulin pumps still have one thing working against them (and us): unless you have a pocket, there’s nowhere to put them.

If you’re a dress-wearing person, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with finding a place to stash your manufactured pancreas without sacrificing function or propriety. Here are a few tried and true – and maybe imperfect – ideas for keeping your pump on your person.

Use your boobs. Or your bra. While it’s easier to hide your pump between the cups of your bra if you’re more endowed, smaller pumps can be clipped at the top of the cup of your bra, or along the band, just behind the armpit area. Bra pouches are also available, but are probably easiest for those with remote access to their pumps. There’s only so much bra-mangling one can do in public without getting kicked out of a restaurant.

Try men’s underwear. Briefs, to be exact. Some ladies with diabetes swear by tucking their pumps into the fly of men’s briefs. Just try not to adjust it too much.

Wear it proud. If there’s no discreet place to put your pump, just clip it to the strap or neckline of your dress – or along the waist of a pair of pants, if there are no pockets. You’ll have continuous access to your pump and everyone will love your new brooch.

Tight things. If you’re into shaping undergarments, you’ll usually find that they’re tight enough to hold your pump up. Clip or tuck your pump into the leg of a pair, and you’ll have a pump within reach and a smooth derriere, too.

Footwear. Tall or roomy boots can be a great place to hide pumps, as long as your tubing is sufficiently lengthy. Again, it helps to have remote access to your pump and some nice snug socks. This can also double as a wonderful excuse to buy new boots.

Stick it. This writer hasn’t tried it yet, but there’s no shame in taping your pump to your skin. Of course, there are tubeless pump options, too. Go for one of those, and your “where do I put my pump” worries are all but invisible.


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7 years ago

I have been on a pump for years and have always struggled with where to keep it, especially working out or wearing dresses. I am currently working on spandex with pockets for the pump. We haven’t launched yet but check out http://www.pumpstash.com for a description of the product and to sign up on the email list to receive updates about the launch!

7 years ago

How could you leave out the Leg Thing? It is indispensable during the cool season. I sleep with it on my leg, too.

June S.
June S.
7 years ago

The situation gets infinitely more tricky in the case of the Medtronic 530 G with Enlite sensors. Since you need to have access to the pump in order to turn off the high and low blood glucose alarms, it can’t be stashed away where no one can see it. I wish they offered a remote for that purpose. I certainly can’t be going into my bra or other undergarments in polite company!

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