Who’s Navigating?


It’s been a rough couple of days for the old diabetes. For reasons unbeknownst to me, my body has taken it upon itself to become ridiculously insulin resistant. For example: I just ate my usual breakfast of a low-fat greek yogurt with blueberries, which usually sends me to a max of 180, and my blood sugar is currently 249 and rising sharply. I keep taking insulin and punching my hip (where the pump is inserted) but to no avail — it’s going to keep climbing and climbing, and ain’t nothing I can do to stop it (except maybe eat carb-free frittata for lunch).

This lack of control, combined with a day’s worth of high blood sugar yesterday (and a subsequent 150 point plunge) sent me into a little round of tears. I’m a little worried that I’m heading in the same direction today — but in the meantime, I wanted to comment on the hopefulness of the name “Freestyle Navigator” for my continuous glucose monitor. Because you know two things diabetes does not make me feel? “Free” and “able to navigate anything.” Seriously. It would have been much more realistic if they had named the CGM “The Ball and Chain” or “The Controller.” Maybe “the Master”? Or the “Sorry, you’re fucked?” Or, in reference to certain days, the “Don’t Even Bother.”

But of course, I will bother — and I am bothered. Right now it’s at 252 and climbing, despite more than twice as much insulin as I normally take for breakfast. Has anyone else had bad luck with minimed’s Quick Set inserter? I used to use the Silhouette but that kept getting infected . . . and while I normally wear my pump on my stomach, I have recently, thanks to the ol’ Freestyle, run out of real estate.

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