World Diabetes Day, November 14: Take 14 Minutes to See the Power of Exercise


Here’s one of the biggest secrets for controlling blood sugar if you have diabetes: Just 14 minutes of activity lowers blood sugar. Don’t take it from me, see for yourself.

This Sunday at 2 p.m. (14:00 hours) if you have diabetes you’re invited to participate in the Big Blue Test. Tens of thousands of people around the world will be participating in the Big Blue’s second annual event.

If you don’t have diabetes, but know someone who does, please share this post with them.

This video produced last year for the event’s kickoff tells you how to participate. The instructions are exactly the same this year.



If you missed it, here’s how to do the Big Blue Test:
1. Test your blood sugar and write down the number. If your blood sugar is between 100 and 250 mg/dl (5.5 – 13.8 mmol/l) continue.

2. Do 14 minutes of an activity: walk, vacuum, bike, mow the lawn, shake your booty, chase your cat, prune a rose bush, throw hoops, swim two laps or 20.

3. Stop in 14 minutes! Sorry…

4. Test your blood sugar. Write down the number.

5. Take 10 seconds to post your numbers at

When you go to this year’s landing page to post your numbers, you’ll see this:


It couldn’t be easier. I’m asking you to post your results because we’re creating a diabetes world record to show the benefit of activity on blood sugar, and now you’re a part of that record. Also, recording your results is as rewarding as seeing them.

Why you should take the Big Blue Test:
What you’re likely to notice from the Big Blue Test is your blood sugar went down — from just 14 minutes of being active. Exercise is one of the most effective, and overlooked, tools to manage blood sugar and diabetes.

Studies show that people who exercise are able to keep their blood sugar in their target range more often and lose weight and keep it off more easily.

Don’t forget. This Sunday afternoon take your meter to wherever you’ll be at 2 p.m. (14:00) and take just 14 minutes to do the Big Blue Test and post your results.

Please do one thing before November 14:

There’s one more thing I’d like to ask you to do before November 14th. In my last post, “Save a Child in Less Than Two Minutes,” I wrote that Roche Diabetes Care is underwriting this year’s Big Blue Test.

Roche is also making a donation for each view — between now and Sunday — of this year’s video below that will get life-saving insulin and diabetes supplies to children with diabetes in the world’s poorest countries. Please take less than two minutes now and watch the video. It’s such an easy way to help children with diabetes in need and yourself.

Why yourself? Because in addition to my secret that just 14 minutes of activity helps lower blood sugar, another secret is helping others causes overwhelming happiness. Put this one to the test right now by clicking on the video and saving a child’s life.



Originally published on Huffington Post.

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