You Can Help Support People With Diabetes


Dear Reader,

When you or a family member lives with diabetes, you know it’s a 24/7 battle. You know that often the emotional struggle is harder than the physical one.  And if you’re like most in our community, you know you’re not alone. 


Because you know ASweetLife provides you with the information and support you need to live well with diabetes.  You know we understand the ups and downs of diabetes because we live with them, too. 

You are part of our dedicated and compassionate community, working hard to provide peer-to-peer support, as well as the latest science and technology updates. Your contributions have helped make ASweetLife the leading nonprofit diabetes magazine. We are so grateful to you for helping our committed team of writers and editors.

Your gift is extremely important because it will make an immediate impact on urgently needed funds. You are helping us touch and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes (and their families) every month.  

Please send your gift today. We count on your support, and your donation is helping to make our community stronger, wiser, and healthier. Thank you so much.


Happy Holidays!


Michael Aviad

CEO, Diabetes Media Foundation

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