You, Too, Can Run Around In Public In Your Underwear


Yesterday, I had the privilege of running around Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood in some combination of my underwear.  Don’t worry; I was not alone.  In fact, I was joined by at least a couple-few hundred people, all of whom were scantily clad and jumping up and down to keep warm.  The purpose?  Cupid’s Undie Run to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  While this didn’t quite stop traffic the way I was expecting, it was still a hilarious sight to see hundreds of people–released from the “starting line” (ahem, front door of the bar) fifty at a time–running through the streets wearing very little clothing.  What a ridiculously good idea for a fundraiser, right?  


The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) works to treat and cure neurofibromatosis (NF).  A friend suggested the run as a fun way to raise money for a good cause and another friend directly benefits from research done by the CTF because she has NF, so it seemed like an excellent pre-training season event.  (Training season, you say?  Yes.  That’s right.  And, this year, I’m doing the full Olympic.  No more Sprints.  This is it.)  So I gathered my roommates, hired a driver (we paid him in chocolate), and hit the streets in full-on foolishness.  


On my fundraising page, I described how I’m often on the other end of this arrangement; I’m the one asking for funds for JDRF or other diabetes-related organizations and hoping that my peers will put themselves in my shoes and donate out of empathy.  This time, I had the true honor of helping someone else out.  To date, I’ve independently raised $220!  Many, many thanks to my generous friends and family.


If you’re brave enough, feel free to scroll through the highlights from our run.  And keep the faith that there are throngs of people out there who care about you so much that they’re about to reach into their pockets for you, too!  Beat the Bridge is only a few months away!


Crammed into a loud bar with hundreds of other half-naked people.  



First prize (in my book) goes to the broken-hearted onsie.



Second prize goes to the father-daughter onsie team.



And third prize goes to the boxer couple.  Plus their dog.



Just before the race, I realized that my CGMS would be pretty flippin’ visible.  Well, no turning back now…  Might as well throw on the receiver and run the race in style.  Loud & proud.  



Woo hooooo!!  Nothing says adrenaline-killer like a stop light!  



Just in time to storm The Troll.  



Finishers!  With our escort (and good friend).  Check out that sweet transmitter, complete with shower guard!… 



P.S.  Does it make it more legit if there’s a Washington Post link?  

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Stefanie Tsabar
11 years ago

You guys are super sweet.  It was really fun!  And cold.  :) 

11 years ago

Emily! Looks like you had an awesome time. You, your Dex and your abs look fabulous. Lots of love.

Dr. Margaret A. Morris
11 years ago

Damn that’s cute. I totally have a friend-crush on you. I hope that’s okay ;) 

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