Diabetes As Referred Pain

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It turned out, as well as being unable to control her blood sugar on a consistent basis, her blood sugar monitoring became unwieldy. Over time she was testing herself so often—fifteen or twenty times per day—her fingertips shriveled and toughened with scars. Read more

Jay Cutler Talks to ASweetLife About Diabetes

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I’m definitely not perfect. I’m motivated to stay as healthy as I can so I can be at my best on the field. I still want to win championships and be the best quarterback I can be – diabetes didn’t change that... Read more

What’s For Dinner?

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Eating is of such vital importance, not just for survival, but a part of our lives’ enjoyment and entertainment, that I set out to make sure that my taste buds were not insulted. The Christmas presents from me that year would be the top notch foodstuffs for a diabetic diet... Read more

Fear of Food, A Hanukkah Diabetes Diagnosis

I began to understand that my upbringing, my entire childhood, had prepared me for exactly this moment. I grew up keeping kosher in Texas. I’ve always known how to be afraid of food.... Read more

Diabetes: The Next Generation

Adam with Glucometer
We pricked his 18-month-old fingers with a spring-loaded needle gun, and milked his blood onto coded strips ...he couldn’t do much more than cry. Which he did. All the time. Read more

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