Soda Wars: Regular vs. Diet

I love the fact that Coke-Cola has managed to tie itself into the concept of “America,” and waving flags, and the 4th of July, and… polar bears. And such... Read more

Brave New World of Avatars

What if the avatar universe underwent an expansion and made room for different physical attributes and abilities? Read more

Diabetes May Create A Chasm Between Patient, Doctor

People with diabetes of all ages, from all walks of life, are regularly reprimanded, shamed and degraded by healthcare professionals when they don't meet medical standards for normal blood glucose levels... Read more

Review of START FITNESS NOW with Kim Lyons

After completing the entire routine, I can say that I think it’s just right for someone like me. Kim’s positively cheery attitude is infectious and definitely made me want to keep going through all the levels. Read more

Tethered To The Body

Although we are both aroused, I cannot be completely caught up in the moment, because I’m calculating what to do with the pump and when... Read more

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